Sweetheart, Be A Sweet Heart And Cut The Strings To This Sweet-Heart

This disaster town can hardly hold us,
wild kids ingenuine as our frozen margaritas
and glass brooms. Keep the dust and repercussions,
we’re only looking for a good time. Radio on
repeat so we don’t lose our edge.

Weekend full of #hashtags on Instagram
and postcards reminding me
of how you left us.

Your Mother Survived Food Poisoning So I Know What That Mouth Do (aka Punch Death In The Face)

So many feelings come trumpeting
when I delude myself to
thinking what I do is best for everyone.
I am guilty of being terrible
at myself. What are the nouns?

Answers text messages,
Thoughtful &
Always Likes Your Selfies,
Helpful,People Minded,
Caring and
Answers text messages and

I run out of synonyms and chances
to make matters better because
I am a small time monster


the little chances I get
to prove otherwise.