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I Thought That Was The Wind

Separating is silent. A quiet exit hardly felt but present and suffocating like air in a humid room. The door creeks opens,sudden draft, cold whoosh of something closing. And suddenly you’re alone. Advertisements

Mars Is In Venus, I’m Over The Moon, And You’re Always Too Far Away

No respite in highway lines, only long and lonely roads. Weals burn frostbit hearts cold, when love is warm, and yet the stars do not align.

Sweetheart, Be A Sweet Heart And Cut The Strings To This Sweet-Heart

This disaster town can hardly hold us, wild kids ingenuine as our frozen margaritas and glass brooms. Keep the dust and repercussions, we’re only looking for a good time. Radio on repeat so we don’t lose our edge. Weekend full of #hashtags on Instagram…

My Love Is Not A Pivot Table (aka Baiser Lamourette)

Weigh what men that love me the way analyst add up pros and cons on Excel spreadsheets. Fiscal year ending, lost my notes in budget meetings, but, I’ll be damned if it isn’t fun to put the smallest gestures against the guillotine of my…

Your Mother Survived Food Poisoning So I Know What That Mouth Do (aka Punch Death In The Face)

So many feelings come trumpeting when I delude myself to thinking what I do is best for everyone. I am guilty of being terrible at myself. What are the nouns? Noble, Caring, Answers text messages, Thoughtful & Always Likes Your Selfies, Empathetic, Helpful,People Minded,…

Endings Remind You Of Beginnings Because They Are The Same Damn Thing (aka When God Closes A Window, He Barricades The Door)

My favorite color is orange and I look terrible in it. I like the brightly colored type ones, so when I walk in public I get mistaken for a convict or traffic cone. They laugh, with or at me, which to be honest is the…

What A Time To Pretend To Be Alive (Mess Hall 04.03.18)

Seltzer and a glass of pinot noir Not particularly my type of crowd, the bar counters too clean and everyone looks ready for a job interview. Radio playing out whatever’s clawed its way to the top 100. Black and white framed photos lining up…


Bed covers don’t cover much besides cold toes and a window sill. No heat or warmth in this dire night and bed pillows wrinkled like my grandmother’s hands when she showed me how to play Casino before she died that September. Sixth, a Thursday….

A Domesticated Heartbreak

Wood floors. Laptop. Brugal. Ironing. Cat crying at the moon, wishing better things (are they for me???) Wishing stars are (pipe dreams???) for anyone who has a problem sleeping, distracting from the actions I know are coming in the morning. Alarm sounds. Sounds. Sounds….

Mouthing The Words To A Song Is Not A “Story” (aka Socially Accepted Narcissism)

She was gorgeous, in a terrible sort of way. Beautiful, but fully aware of it while pretending otherwise. She liked taking photographs of old brick buildings and vanilla lattes shaped with hearts in foam, and when she described herself, she used very obnoxious words…