Oh Maria, Maria – Won’t You Open Your Heart* And Let Me In? (Editors Note: *Legs)

Mourning in the morning, even by the evening,
smoked in the dusk – I’m the dew that meets the sunrise.
Smell me, taste me, feel me, breathe me.

Inhale – inhale.

Don’t you know? I’m the muse that gives the dawn
its minty kick. And I’m always there, but better
when you’re alone, talking to yourself
and crazy. Pass me the fifth baby,
before the day settles
and you miss me.

Never mind the never-mind’s
when we have this sleepless town
to dance and be depraved in.
The music calling, hips responding,
three missed calls on your neck
where my lips should be.

A Domesticated Heartbreak

Wood floors. Laptop. Brugal.
Ironing. Cat crying at the moon,
wishing better things
(are they for me???)

Wishing stars are (pipe dreams???)
for anyone who has a problem sleeping,
distracting from the actions I know
are coming in the morning.

Alarm sounds.

Sounds. Sounds. Sounds.
Sounds, Sounds. Sounds.
Sounds. So-

Wake up faded of love.
Where am I oh yeah again
Brush teeth, a bowel movement and
cold shower. Because the goddamn
hot water isn’t working even
after I asked the super to FUCKING
take care of it.

Snapchat Sonata

Let me love you, all of you, the opposite of carefully
hard edges of skin and personality, cut sharp as diamonds
where your cheek starts and tongue begins
to end my existence. There’s too much spray in your hair
and it frizzes against my chin, which is
somewhat appropriate, considering
you make my head

feel like helium.


but full as air,
and when I’m against your lips,
your voice makes funny sounds that
go up an octave or pentagram, depending
on what beast our love has summoned.
Annoying, that I can’t keep from
Suffocating against a pillow, imagining that
it’s you I’m drowning in. Annoying as
that orange I can’t stop remembering
from Youtube. Calming as the dumb songs you keep
secretly adding to my Spotify. Send Nudes stuck on repeat,
Cuban cigars and menthol dinge-ing up the bedside counter
your grandfather made just before he
bit the lust and

Look at the dusk, my love.
Summer is far, but on us,
and where there should be heat for touch
I only feel a cool and calling tenderness.
My heart beats,
not for,
but because
of you.