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For Who The Graves Toil

Soon all will be dust, swept to dirt, buried past swallowed by the Earth. Even now the wind and mountains creek, to rivers flood, flowing future whispering bones of who came before. Advertisements

Love Is A Death Of The Self

Silence is golden, duct tape is silver. Rope, a deep mahogany. The trunk is black, your heart a cold and frigid blue.

I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry, But Genuinely And Not The Way Assholes Say It

I lack the grace to remain kind in cruel situations.

Sorry I’m Not Sorry, But Genuinely. (aka Room 4201)

Gail is laying in the hospital while I’m standing on the brink. Burning bridges all weekend as I cross them, and if I ever make it home on Sunday, I’m lighting candles by the beach with starry eyes fixed on the shore. No green…

Whatever Doesn’t Kill You May Just Like To Watch You Suffer

“Do you know what poisons cows?” He said. A plastic bag rustled between the trees and three children playing skip-the-cracks across the sidewalk. There was a fruit cart stand, so small and undefinable on that little corner of East Side New York, selling green…

How Do You Throw Grenades?

Such bold and violent little mortars. Silent killers on a timer that explode like an idea. Bang and death and shrapnel compacted to a pocket; hand held hazards, lightning in a bottle. Portable paralyzers stun and blinding on delivery. How do you throw grenades?…