Revenge Forlorn [aka I Miss Laughing During Sex]

I could hear you laugh a thousand times and never grow tired of it.
Which, by the way, has happened. That video we made
on that night when we did those things we’d never share with anybody,
there was a moment before the tv turned on and
you tried to twirl and look sexy that just
didn’t happen. That instant, I must have played back a thousand times.
Not for the sexy parts. We’re so far apart hese days
I can’t even imagine you that way. But about 29.59 seconds in,
your face breaks into a laugh over my dumb face
I can’t ever remember making.

And that’s it, for me.
That’s how I masturbate/miss you.
I think back to that time we were naked and stupid
and so full of each other
that we didn’t care.

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